Registration of Interest FAQs

Q: I've registered my interest for the Wheatstone Project, what now?
A: Your information is now in a pool for subcontractors to choose candidates from. Please click here to view further information on the subcontractors currently hiring on Wheatstone.
Q: I've provided 5 years of employment history so why can't I submit my registration?
A: Please ensure your work history dates are consecutive. In addition to employment, please also include any periods of study, travel, home duties or unemployment. Please also ensure you provide employment history dated up until the day you wish to submit your registration. If you are still employed, you may enter "current?" or "still employed" in the "reason for leaving" field.
Q: Why do I keep receiving error messages when I enter my years of experience working in the construction industry/North West of WA/on an LNG project?
A: Please ensure the "months" field is also completed.
Q: Can I update my registration of interest?
A: No. You must submit a new registration of interest. Please email once your new registration of interest has been submitted so that we may remove your previous registration.
Q: Where can I attach my resume?
A: You do not need to submit your resume and only need to complete the online registration of interest. In this regard, please be thorough and provide as much information as possible.
Q: I'm experiencing trouble attaching documents to my registration of interest.
A: You do not need to provide any form of documentation. If selected for an interview, you will be required to provide documents such as certificates and tickets at that time.
Q: I do not live in Western Australia. Can I still register my interest?
A: Yes. The Wheatstone Project welcomes registration world-wide. Some subcontractors may require you to travel to Perth, Western Australia, at your own expense, where they would then arrange your flight to and from Onslow. If you are not an Australian resident, you may still register your interest for the Wheatstone Project.
Q: I am currently employed on site at Wheatstone and have been issued with my project completion date. I'd like to stay on Wheatstone. How do I make myself available for other Wheatstone opportunities?
A: Ask your current employer for an 'Expression of Interest' form, complete and return this document to your employer so that other subcontractors can be informed of your interest to gain further employment.