What You Need to Apply

Before filling out your online registration, gather the following detailed information:

  • Your working history: a minimum of 5 continuous years. This is inclusive of any periods of study, travel, home duties, or unemployment
  • Full contact details of current and previous line managers or supervisors (full names; no nicknames)
  • Details of your formal qualification(s) including issue/expiry dates and certification numbers. Wheatstone's minimum site requirement is the OHS Construction Induction card
  • Please refer to the 'Registration FAQ' page for further information.

Please read and ensure you understand the following before submitting your online registration:

  • All sections must be completed. Incomplete forms cannot be processed
  • Any previous employers you list in your registration may be contacted to confirm your employment details.
  • Once your registration has been submitted it cannot be updated. A complete new record has to be entered.
  • Submitting this form does not guarantee employment on the Wheatstone Project. Your details will be maintained in a database and made available to Bechtel's Wheatstone subcontractors for consideration of current and future employment opportunities

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